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Applications of woodworking engraving machine and stone engraving machine

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Applications of woodworking engraving machine and stone engraving machine
Applications of woodworking engraving machine and stone engraving machine
Woodworking and stone engraving machine  age has arrived, and in a few years ago only imported engraving machine, regardless of size are more than 100,000, and the recent rapid development of the domestic automation technology, there are already dozens of engraving machine manufacturers, Price competition has reached the industry can accept the price, the majority of the industry concerned to have to look up the engraving machine. So, how to choose a suitable engraving machine do? 
In the advertising industry, what advertising engraving machine do? 
Specifically for the flat plane carving carving carving material color plates and the like, can produce all kinds of badges, hang tags, nameplates, cutting characters, graphics, and production of various models of various types of materials, and so on. 
3D engraving in addition to completing the plane engraving machine functions can also be engraved with a depth control objects, such as with a flick of 3D convex or concave three-dimensional characters, graphics. Senior plaque can be made of plexiglass, PVC foam board, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials can also make relief, color carving and other crafts. 
We might have a better understanding of these, but for engraving machine works and construction is not very clear 
First, woodworking engraving machine spindle one is a DC motor via a belt drive with a spindle speed can reach 25000RPH, but due to the use of brushes, life probably in 300 hours, you have to replace the motor or motor brushes, features such motor is the torque, but the accuracy of such motors are generally not very satisfactory. Another is to use the DC brushless motor, speed can reach 60000RPM, without replacing the carbon brushes. Variable frequency control technology, is a professional grade product. There are currently some manufacturers widely used woodworking planing machine or point of grinding to do spindle speed can reach 25000RPM, due to the use of the brush was replaced every 300 hours or motor brushes and carving accuracy is not high, mainly for rough carving . Professional is the use of high-precision high-power inverter spindle speed 7000-60000RPM 
Second, the floating heads carved color plates, often seemingly simple but actually doing it is not easy. The general idea is that users require manufacturers to provide a high-precision platform, some manufacturers simply on the platform plus a thick plexiglass plate, knife first milled in a plane above. But still can not solve the problem, because there is an error in addition to the platform outside, color board itself has error, the color plates fit on the platform also has double-sided adhesive thickness, and other factors, making the signs are still carved out shades . Floating heads are sharp carving color plates, and in foreign small and medium engraving machine is standard. Floating heads suggests that it is in the carving plane, can fluctuate within a certain range. Spindle in the Z-axis direction can slide up and down, focus on adjusting the distance between the tip of floating heads, can be carved on a large flat area of ​​uneven when using floating heads, while maintaining consistent engraving depth. Many say their domestic engraving machine engraving machine with floating heads but some floating heads just that - a simple knife nose, used to suppress the object to be processed, any real effect, or else the motor too re-float it up, or scratch the machined surface. Or else the motor power is not enough light so that the formation of a problem. Lott Computer Machinery Co., Ltd. through research and development, finally solved the problem with high-power motor, while the floating part is just the motor rotor, so with RT4500 moment badges, the shades of the problem does not exist. Currently, the design has been applied for national patents.
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