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Engraving machine high speed power chuck device sources and uses

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Engraving machine high speed power chuck device sources and uses
Engraving machine high speed power chuck device sources and uses

In order to improve the productivity of CNC lathes , the spindle speed increasing demands in order to achieve high-speed and even super- high-speed cutting . Now CNC lathe has a maximum speed of 1001 ) a 2000r/min up to thousands of revolutions per minute , and some even reached CNC lathes 10000r/min. Ordinary chuck can not handle such a high- speed requirements , you must use high-speed chuck.
Back in the late 1970s , the German Sherlock Carter Company developed the highest speed KGF -speed power chuck of the world , the test speed reached 10000r/min, practical speeds of up to 8000r/min. Figure 6-20 K55 Series wedge Speed ​​Through Hole chuck, chuck loose with rod clamp is connected by hydraulic chuck and hydraulic clamping cylinder coordinated action to achieve. Chuck jaws equipped with hard and soft comb each pair of jaws , suitable for high-speed ( the speed is less than or equal to 4000r/min) full-function CNC lathe various bar , processing disc-type parts.

Figure 6-21 is a hollow power chuck chart, graph the right end of KEF250 type chuck, left to P24160A type hydraulic cylinders. This chuck action principle is: When the right chamber of the hydraulic cylinder 21 into the oil when the piston 22 moves to the left , through the hollow rod connected with the connector nut 5 26 , the slider body 6 5 together with the connecting nut to the left , sliding body 6 on three sets of chutes and three jaws engage seat 10 , respectively , with the chute 100, Block 10 with the claw jaws clamp the workpiece moves inward .

Conversely , when the left chamber of the hydraulic cylinder 21 into the oil when the piston 22 is moved to the right , the pawl base 10 to move outwardly with the pawl to release a workpiece . When the high-speed rotary chuck , the centrifugal force generated by the jaw assembly to reduce the clamping force . Meanwhile , the centrifugal force generated by the balancer lever 4 3 ( 2:1 Leverage shoulder ) becomes pressed against the clamping force of the jaw holder , the heavier counterweight 3 , the larger the compensation. In order to achieve rapid adjustment and replacement jaws , claws and jaws 1 Block 10 using the end face of the movable jaw tooth comb connection , just screw a screw on Songka claws, jaws can quickly adjust the position or replace the jaws .

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