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Engraving machine motor heating problems

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Engraving machine motor heating problems
Engraving machine motor heating problems
Engraving machine stepper motor inside the core and windings are composed. Windings resistance, power will produce losses, the loss is proportional to the square of the size of the resistance and current, and this is what we often say that the copper meteorite 
If the current is not a standard DC or sine wave, but also produce harmonic losses; vortex core has hysteresis effects in the alternating magnetic field will produce losses, its size and materials, current, frequency, voltage dependent, called iron damage 
Copper and iron losses are manifested in the form of heat, thus affecting the efficiency of the motor. Stepper motor positioning accuracy and the general pursuit of torque output, efficiency is relatively low, the current is generally relatively large, and the high harmonic components, alternating current frequency varies with speed, so the stepper motor widespread fever cases and serious than AC motors. 
Stepper motor in static and low speed, the situation is changing with speed stepper motor heating using constant current drive technology will remain relatively constant current, constant torque output to adhere to. High speed to a certain level, the internal motor back EMF increases, current will gradually decline, the torque will fall, therefore, due to copper loss caused by heat-related situation and speed of static and low-speed general high fever, high speed low heat, but the iron loss (although a smaller proportion) change is not necessarily the case, and the whole is both the heating and motor, so these are just general 
Most customers do not need to bother, but the impact of motor heating heat although generally not affect the life of the motor. Severe fever will bring some negative effects such as internal motor parts of the different thermal expansion coefficients of the various structural changes lead to stress and small changes in the internal gap will affect the dynamic response of the motor speed will likely stall. Again some places do not allow motor excessive heat, such as medical devices and high-precision testing equipment, etc. so the heat of the motor should be necessary control 
Depends mainly on internal motor insulation class. Internal insulation properties will be destroyed at high temperatures (above 130 degrees), so long as no more than 130 degrees inside, motor heating allows to what level. Motor will not be damaged, but this time the surface temperature .. will be below 90 degrees so the stepper motor surface temperature at 70-80 degrees is normal simple temperature measurement method is useful to point thermometer, you can roughly determine: a hand can touch more than 1-2 seconds, not more than 60 degrees; hand can touch, about 70-80 degrees; rapid gasification few drops of water, more than the 90 degrees of 
Is to reduce copper loss and iron loss. Reduce copper loss in two directions, how to reduce motor heating to reduce fever. Reduce electricity overcast and current, which requires at the time of selection to select a small resistance and rated current of small motors, the two phase motor, the motor would not be used in parallel with the series motor, but it is often associated with torque and speed requirements conflict. has been selected for the motor, the drive should take full advantage of semi-automatic flow control functionality and offline capabilities, the former motor automatically reduces quiescent current while in the latter the current is cut off altogether. 
In addition, due to the breakdown of the drive nearly sinusoidal current waveform, harmonics less motor heating will be less. Few ways to reduce iron loss, the voltage level in connection with high-pressure-driven motor, although it will bring to enhance the high-speed characteristics, but it also brings increased heat, so should select the appropriate drive voltage level, taking into account the high-band resistance, stability and heat, noise and other indicators
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