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Engraving machine software settings

Good quality Fiber Laser Marking Machine for sales
Goods as described. Unit tests all satisfactory. Trustworthy company and helpfull. Highly recommended.

—— Michael May

received the device... smooth transaction definately work with them again

—— Steve Lent

Excellent packaging in wooden crate. Good communication with seller. Machine looks well built.

—— Gord Priest

The supplier is good, goods supplied completed as their mention and good packaging. Just for remember the expedion FedEx local very bad for delevering

—— sutrisno sarudji

Supplier is very good. We got the order with little damage due to transport(Courier) but they replaced by sending that alone and helped thru online

—— Balaji Rajamanickam

I have received my machine in good shape include software and instruction manual. that's very perfect!

—— Kevin Lilly

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Engraving machine software settings
Engraving machine software settings

Click the " eagle " engraving equipment → support HPGL commands engraving machine or MULTICAM610PLUS connected serial port 1 or serial port 2 → carrying knives height → 3mm ( can root

Click the " eagle " engraving equipment → support HPGL commands engraving machine or MULTICAM610PLUS
Connected to serial port 1 or serial port 2 → carrying knives height → 3mm ( height can be determined according to the actual situation of carrying knives )
Click the "Settings" 1, set ports: serial port 1 or serial port P → 2 → 8 data bits Stop bits → 1 parity : NONE transfer rate → 9600
Flow control → √ DTR / DSR √ XON / XOFF √ RTS / CTS
2 , "Setting engraving machine" carrying knives command , drop the knife command → 3 parameters Spindle positive Z axis resolution down → → GV series engraving machine for the 2540 lines / inch , HGV engraving machine for the 4064 lines / inch
Carrying knives from → 3mm ( carrying knives height can be determined according to the actual situation ) carving tool rotation direction clockwise output compensation → → No
3 , set the " format and origin" maximum width , length can be determined based on the actual level of the Z-axis and vertical resolution and the same resolution , namely : GV series engraving machine for the 2540 lines / inch , HGV engraving machine for the 4064 lines / inch ( which early Edition 2032 HGV 5.5 lines / inch ) at the coordinate origin - the left one , to stop the knife at the moment → left after a paper advance direction is the X direction.
4 , the command set is initialized IN; PA; PU0, 0, -300; ( Note: both Arabic numerals 0 ) ! Drop the knife go PD carrying knives go PU separator , homing PG; terminator ; rest with the software defaults to complete after clicking OK. Wentai engraving software can be directly output , wherein F: The mirror , which outputs the contents of the Y -axis direction of the full- mirror ; R: Representative rotation, the rotation select the output full- time content 90 degree rotation.
The first step : maintop → install → install → OK → OK → Select "Do not start your computer " → completed
Step two : maintop → change → setup → setup → start → ok.
The third step : maintop → change → change driver, copy the three files inside the C: DTP DRIVER folder.
Setup: Start → Programs → select Thai color electronic publishing systems Monteiro sent to the desktop icon , open Monteiro → File → Settings → Printers → choose to install a new printer Monteiro 'Jetposter'3330 → → install a new printer as the default printer → Close → confirm.
To start the installation
1 , run the installation CD Type3V4200 program Setup, select "Next" or "Yes", until the installation is complete.
2 , run CD crack1, click Apply to determine the decryption software , if you have "crack 2", please do the same operation.
3 , Type3 default installation path is : C: Vision, if you want to change the installation path , change the drive letter name only , do not change the drive letter after the ": Vision", after the change the installation path , running crack1 decryption , must be modified to do the same , the same letter name change only , do not change " : " default path after .
4 , some versions of the CD crack is compressed, after decompression run. Some older versions of the CD-ROM does not crack file , locate the "EXE" folder in the CD-ROM , copy and paste to the Type3 installation directory to replace the original EXE.
5 , in some versions of the operating system that will run with the installation of some software , such as Type3 "Setup" screen after stopping , and may pop up error log reports , then please delete the system font folder where non-system fonts the end of the software and then reinstall the font .
Type3 settings
After the initial installation Type3, woodpeckers DSP or ARM for each model , please set the following order , if you are using a Hdtaoye or Ncstudio each version control system, you do not have to set item 3 below .
1, open on the desktop or in a program Type3, open the " Settings machine" , click on " add machine" before the " + " sign , then expand "CNC machine" , find "Fanuc 16M/Fanuc 0M" and select , click " Join ."
2, in the "Settings Interface" select " File" and OK.
3 , open the "Settings machine" dialog box , first open the right of the " post-processor " , find the following line in the word " after setting the processor," in : ...... HeadpcrSz0 = p HeadpcrSz1 = G91 G28 Y0 Z0 HeadpcrSz2 = t HeadpcrSz3 = M6 ......... these four lines of characters after the equal sign is amended as follows : ...... HeadpcrSz0 = 0
HeadpcrSz1 = 0 HeadpcrSz2 = 0 HeadpcrSz3 = 0 ...... confirmed modify and correct.
Back to " set the machine ", the minimum and maximum respectively modify the " total size" under the following:
x Minimum :-20000.00mm Maximum : 20000.00mm
y Min :-20000.00mm Maximum : 20000.00mm
z Minimum :-10000.00mm Maximum : 10000.00mm
Units are in millimeters : mm, confirm and exit "Set the machine ."
5, Type3 software to open , open the " Options" , " Edit" under modified as follows :
( 1 ) , " Calculation Parameters " , select the "path to" "artificial " under ; check the " Auto melted ."
( 2 ) " page can be engraved " in which each of the width, height , depth, to format the size of the machine , such as RS1212 type , a width of 1200mm, a height of 1200mm, a depth of 110mm, the others are 0 , the unit is mm : mm. OK.
6 , open the "Change" , " page can be carved ," under which the depth of the width and height to make modifications as above , and the rest are 0.
7 , Type3 do any graphic into the "CAM" create any tool paths , machine work . In the " machine work ", the following modifications :
( 1 ) , open the " share ", check " curve line " and the "Z security start bit " was changed to 1mm.
( 2 ) , in the " machine work " dialog, activate the " lock " symbol , click on "File" , OK.
( 3 ) , modify the " machine work " parameter box center position is 5-10 , this is the process of carrying knives height.
8 Save and close Type3, software set the end .
The above settings are Type3 after the initial installation must be set after the completion of each set do not need to use this setting , if the machine does not read the file appears engraving work or alarm error , please check the above settings are correct . Notes 1, CF card or U disk DSP advertising engraving machine can not work with any non-working file , not a virus . Viruses are generally in the form of hidden files exist, use the latest version of the killing of anti-virus tool , you need to reinstall the operating system when necessary , failure is generally caused by the virus likely reason being given for the work , beyond the scope , do not even read the disk and so on.
2, U disk work used when doing formatting, "File System" must choose "FAT", or it may not read the disk engraving machine work .
3 , certain brands of CF card or U disk because of compatibility problems that may lead to the engraving machine does not work or read the disk crashes , replace the CF card or U disk other brands . Special Note
If the computer has already installed Type3, please uninstall Type3 original components, uninstall as follows:
Under WinXP or Win2000 operating system , open the " My Computer" - "Control Panel" - " Add / Remove Programs " in the " Currently installed programs ", select Type3 Ver 4.2.00, click " Change / Remove (c) "and then select the required " Yes To All " and " Ok " to complete the deletion .

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