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Engraving machine usual care and maintenance

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Engraving machine usual care and maintenance
Engraving machine usual care and maintenance

Engraving machine for precision CNC equipment, the necessary daily care and maintenance is essential for life and the accuracy of the machine. Perform the following care and maintenance requirements .

Maintenance :

A continuous run time of 10 hours a day to ensure the normal operation of the cooling water pump clean and never make the water appear spindle motor water shortages , regular replacement of cooling water to prevent the water temperature is too high. If the ambient temperature is too low winter work can be put inside the water tank replaced antifreeze.

Second, each machine after use, should pay attention to clean up , be sure to dust the platform and drive clean on a regular basis ( weekly ) on the transmission system (X, Y, Z axis) lubricating oil . ( Note : X, Y, Z -axis light rod with oil maintenance ; screw part plus high-speed butter ; winter if the ambient temperature is too low working screw , rod ( square or circular guide rail ) part should be rinsed clean with gasoline , then add the oil , otherwise it will cause too much resistance machine transmission parts dislocation caused by the machine . )

Third, the electrical maintenance checks is that we must cut off the power supply when the monitor is blank and power indicator is off the main circuit after being granted.


Modify engraving machine parameters ( Weihong system ) : Manufacturer parameter modification , ( enter password : NCSTUDIO click "OK" )

Table travel : ( depending on the machine model)

System parameters: default before then on the basis of four are selected.

Motor parameters : If the lead is 10 0.0062

If the lead is 5 0.003125

Off frequency : 300

Z -axis Maximum speed: 1000

Uniaxial accelerometer : 400

Curve acceleration: 300

Maintenance: engraving machine is not working properly , it may be a problem with its internal components or other reasons , the following recurring problems a rough introduction.

( 1 ) there is a three-axis axis can not move, this time to check whether the corresponding axis corresponding to the drive block damage. Inspection methods can be used to replace law: do not move the axis corresponding to unplug air shaft inserted in the other corresponding to the active drive.

( 2 ) If the swap does not move the axis to move normally, indicating that the shaft can be driven by the corresponding block is corrupt , you need to replace a good drive block . If you do not move the axis or not it shows a faulty cable or replace the motor cable or motor. Triaxial not move. At this point check whether triaxial air plugs and control box has been connected, the control box is powered on . Whether the data lines and the control box and the computer host controller card connected. If these are normal, then please contact the factory .

( 3 ) the spindle can not operate normally . First check the error code LED display inverter (see inverter manual error code entry ) , following an example to YIXING drive .

YIXING series inverter common faults and handling ( 1.5 kilowatts )

Fault code : DL output short circuit Check motor and cables for shorts

OL1OL2 load is too large to exclude motor stall stall phenomenon reduce load

LU abnormal input voltage undervoltage Check the input power

OH overheat the load is too damaged to reduce the load of the cooling fan replacement fan ( Note : When the drive is displayed DL reset button to restart invalid Please power inverter troubleshooting )

TALENT series inverter common faults and handling ( 2.2 kilowatts )

Fault code : EOCD output short circuit Check motor and cables for shorts

EOU check the voltage input voltage is too high

EOCN phase short circuit or output circuit shorted to ground to check the wiring and motor

ELU is a large starting current loads to avoid re-wiring in the same power system load

TL external interference with the strong electric control line will separate traces

Spindle motor common faults and handling :

Electric hot check whether the circulating water pump is working properly

Check the motor cable is boring motor phase cables shorted

Electric motor is abnormal sound internal motor overload fault ( please contact the manufacturer )

Check the electrical cord motor reversal phase output UVW terminal ends of any exchange

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