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Fatal problem of laser engraving machine

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Goods as described. Unit tests all satisfactory. Trustworthy company and helpfull. Highly recommended.

—— Michael May

received the device... smooth transaction definately work with them again

—— Steve Lent

Excellent packaging in wooden crate. Good communication with seller. Machine looks well built.

—— Gord Priest

The supplier is good, goods supplied completed as their mention and good packaging. Just for remember the expedion FedEx local very bad for delevering

—— sutrisno sarudji

Supplier is very good. We got the order with little damage due to transport(Courier) but they replaced by sending that alone and helped thru online

—— Balaji Rajamanickam

I have received my machine in good shape include software and instruction manual. that's very perfect!

—— Kevin Lilly

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Fatal problem of laser engraving machine
Fatal problem of laser engraving machine

At present, China has been using laser engraving machine a lot, from the laser engraving machine has just come to a short period of 10 years now, you can have tens of millions of engraving machine. In use, can be said to be a particularly big miracle, the speed is amazing. Ever since the laser engraving machine laser cutting machine, eliminating the time a lot of things, eliminating the need for manpower, gave us really brought a lot of convenience, a lot of interest. Engraving machine is a great credit. And he still has an all-powerful robot. He can do crafts, leather can be done, can be carved shoes, can advertise, you can make a template, and so on too much. Since there are so many devices, then how should we do to avoid it incurable diseases, engraving machine most important question, what is the most fatal problem is it, now I'll give you an analysis speak about it!

    Crochet not closed the serial failure (or continuously sending machine does not move) computers to send data, the machine does not move: carving shades

    1: Control are loose or defective.

    2: step near motor failure.

    3: drive failure or current segmentation and software settings do not match.

    4: z-axis motor line fault.

    5: spindle motor fixtures loose.

    6: Drive interference or data set incorrectly.

    7: static interference.

    8: computer virus or system problems.

    II: chaotic moment

    1: Control card failure.

    2: Inverter interference.

    3: The file path is wrong.

    4: static interference.

    5: Software provided with the problems.

    6: drive failure or current breakdown is set incorrectly.

    7: data line failure.

    8: a computer virus or system problems.

    Three: engraving machine washable uneven bottom.

    1: The spindle and the table is not perpendicular, to be corrected.

    2: The tool in question.

    3: Control card problem or signal interference.

    Four: engraving machine can not normally go back to mechanical origin.

    1: The machine is set in the opposite direction back to the origin.

    2: Control card failure or loose.

    3: Limit switches or data line failure.

    4: drive failure.

    5: Step close to the motor line failure.

    Five: When you open the software, the computer prompts "Failed to open the card, check card" prompt.

    1. Check the board driver has not installed, or the board for a PCI slot.

    2. The two data cables to reinstall, check there is no needle phenomenon.

    3. The board has a problem, replace the board.

    Six: When you open the software prompts: triaxial alarm, fourth initialization errors.

    1. Check that the computer and the machine two data lines are not connected.

    2. Check the control box adapter plate fuse is burned, for a fuse.

Fatal problem of laser engraving machine

Fatal problem of laser engraving machine

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