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How to go out of the current predicament of Jinan engraving machine

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How to go out of the current predicament of Jinan engraving machine
How to go out of the current predicament of Jinan engraving machine
Reporters focus on engraving machine industry, Licheng District, in an interview from tax authorities. 
Licheng District, Jinan engraving machine industry gathering, Zong Licheng IRS Shui Zhengke chief told reporters the new jurisdiction engraving machine production, trade enterprises are large export tax rebate. With respect to the export of primary agricultural products, machinery export profits, there are certain technical content, is a key state support for training in the industry. However, affected by the debt crisis, this year, the area engraving machine business significantly reduced the amount of export tax rebates, and some companies even do not have a single year, the export tax rebate business reporting. This shows that the industry currently exports took a hit, better than a day as before. "Engraving machine features the industry as Jinan, should be given more guidance and support." Said Zong new. 
As a grassroots regulators Huashan Town, various business units, Huashan Town, Liu Dayong, director of business development has been very concerned about the engraving machine industry. Liu Dayong told reporters, just in Huashan Town, gathered hundreds of large and small engraving machine manufacturers, after years of development, has formed a certain scale. However, the prevalence of these companies are "small and scattered" issue. In this circle, to reach dozens of people engraving machine scale enterprises, has been considered a "big business", and the vast majority of individual businesses. 
In the eyes of Liu Dayong, engraving machine industry has a huge market potential, but is currently in a state of war skirmish. "We can do, is to give some guidance on the administrative aspects of the business, such as urging them to apply for formal business license; guiding enterprises registered trademarks, enhance brand awareness;. Use of the advantages of promoting the exchange of contact information between industry, but I thought if we could from these enterprises on the whole scientific planning and guidance, they will create greater efficiency. "Liu Dayong said. 
But when the reporter further in-depth interviews with the industry only to find there is no case which government departments engraving machine industry has a more detailed understanding. "This industry is too small engraving machine, belonging to the sub-sector, we do not separate the number of companies in this industry, scale over statistics." Jinan City Commission by letter of the relevant responsible person admitted to reporters, the relative production of these small businesses engraving machine they pay more attention Plant machine, CNC machine tools by law class enterprises, listed companies. 
Although the industry generally believe, Jinan engraving machine has more than 200 companies, but so far has not been established in Jinan engraving machine industry associations, there is no corresponding regulatory agencies. This industry is like the growth of weeds as quietly, as the soil is fertile, environmentally appropriate, showing its vitality. However, if no timely guidance and supervision, the industry will inevitably fall, "which also Bo Xing Yan, its sudden fall" situation.
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