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Laser engraving machine engraving techniques commonly used materials and methods

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Laser engraving machine engraving techniques commonly used materials and methods
Laser engraving machine engraving techniques commonly used materials and methods

First, the gray's performance
General mechanical engraving can not be engraved economical way point of varying thickness, and therefore does not have the manifestations of gray. Laser engraving machine is the way to achieve RBI sculpture, has a natural advantage in terms of grayscale performance. To do this as far as possible in the design engraving gray forms, so that the benefits while reducing the coloring process, saving costs; on the other hand to enrich the performance means carving, increase the level of graphics. Users in the use, within the first graphics do different gray fill (text first converted graphics), black and white engraving output selection mode, you can try different outlets effect, the accuracy is generally no more than 500dpi.
Second, the carving materials
1, logs (unprocessed timber)
Wood is by far the most commonly used laser processing of materials, easily carving and cutting. Light-colored wood such as birch, cherry or maple easily be laser vaporization, and thus more suitable for carving. Each timber has its own characteristics, and some dense some, such as hardwood, in the engraving or cutting is necessary to use a larger laser power. We recommend not familiar with before carving wood carving to first study characteristics.
On the plywood carved in wood carving and in fact there is not much difference, but one thing to note, engraving depth can not be too deep. Plywood cutting edge will be like after the timber as black, to see if the key is to use the kind of plywood made of wood.
Wood engraving
Generally, carved in wood carving is usually overcast and generally require deeper engraving depth. Such power is generally set higher in case of a hard wood may cause the graphic engraving after the color becomes darker. If you want to make the color lighter, engraving speed can be improved, try a few times more birds. Some wood carving will produce some soot attached to the wood surface, if there is wood, paint brush to carefully wipe with a damp cloth, if unpainted might wipe clean, resulting in the finished surface fouling.
Timber cutting
Cutting depth wood laser engraving machine is generally not deep, materials and laser power maximum cutting depth depends on wood, such as wood to be cut very thick, can slow down the cutting speed, but may cause burning wood. Specific operation can try to use large-sized lens, and by repeated cutting methods.
A color
After the wood carving in general there will be a burning sensation, with wooden background Matches have an original artistic beauty, which mainly depends on the depth of color engraving laser power and speed. However, some wood is usually soft texture of the kind, no matter what you can not change their color (eg birch). The coloring of the finished product, you can use acrylic paint.
2. The density of the veneer board
Normal density plywood
This type of MDF that we used to do the kind of wood pallets signs lining. Material is high density, surface mount with a thin wood. The laser can be performed on these materials carving, but carved out of uniform and black color pattern, generally colored. Under normal circumstances you can through proper design, color plates of 0.5mm mosaic to get better results.
Laser dedicated density plywood
Some MDF is specially designed for use in laser engraving, carving out a pattern of uniform color, not colored also have a good effect. Clean
After carving MDF can use a damp cloth to clean the surface.
Fill color
You can use acrylic paints or alkyd. When carving color graphics can be set to 60% gray, the bottom surface of carving some pitting, to improve color adhesion.
3. Asia gram force (a kind of plexiglass)
Acrylic is only here in the wood carving of the most commonly used material, it can easily be cut and carved, they have a variety of shapes and sizes, relatively low cost. There are two plexiglass production process: casting and rolling, laser engraving machine is mainly produced by casting plexiglass way, because frost effect it produces laser engraving is very white, and produce original transparent texture contrasts, rolling way After the production of plexiglass transparent to laser engraving it is still not a sufficient contrast effect. When buying auto plexiglass You want to emphasize to the high purity of the good seed, or it may be time to buy back the phenomenon of melting material carving or cutting.
Under normal circumstances the use of a back carved plexiglass way, that is carved from the front, rear view, which makes the finished product more three-dimensional. When carved back, please be mirrored graphics and engraving faster, lower power. Such as carving power is too high, the bottom surface appear uneven stripes, if they wish to carve some deep you can try a few more birds. In the case of partial back carving coloring at coloring should first carve some deep, then use flame polishing machine, available to fill. If not polished, from the front to see the color will not be uniform.
PMMA is relatively easy to cut, such as customers do not ask, you can cut after delivery, without having to flame polishing. Otherwise blowing means should be cut in order to improve cut quality. When cutting more than 8mm plexiglass, replace the large size of the lens.
Note: When cutting plexiglass operator can not leave, there may be flame cutting.
After carving can use a damp cloth to clean the surface
Fill color
You can use acrylic paints, other pigments may undermine plexiglass finish.
4. Double-color plate
Color plates is a sculpture dedicated to the engineering plastics composed of two or more layers of a composite consisting of color, its size is generally 600 * 1200mm, also a small amount of brand specifications for the 600 * 900mm. US POWMRK with stable quality, variety is recognized as the best product. Color plate engraving finished usually used for various instructions signs and badges. In the color plates can be divided into machinery and laser with two categories, some of which can also be used mechanical plate characteristic laser engraving, laser engraving plate: surface color thin (<0.1mm) laser plate is generally 1.3mm & 0.8mm. Mechanical plate is generally 1.5mm), our experience is that: if the surface color of the board is very thin, generally can be laser engraved, such as surface color engraving thicker can try twice
Such as the use of a laser plate engraving plate effect will be very good, there was a clear contrast and sharp edges. When using thin mechanical plate surface with laser plate engraving effect no big difference, a closer look might edge is not as clear as a laser plate. Users generally do not use the kind of mechanical surface thick plate, or we need to adjust the laser power to be small, reusable try to clear the bottom surface has been carved, the final results may not be very good. In contrast, a large color plates (such as on the blackboard), gray-scale image can be designed sculpture, engraving after a large number of color plates themselves may be some distortion, usable hot water heated by hand after the game.
Under normal circumstances, users will require you to cut a good color plates, this time as you are using a laser plate engraving in after it cut off. Note that speed is not too slow, not once cut through, should be carried out in three or four times, so that the cutting edge of the material out flat, no melting marks. When carving processing power should be just right, not too big, to avoid melting marks appear. If using a mechanical plate, it can only be cut to 50% depth, then hand off play and then sandpaper polished edges, the user if there is a mechanical machine can be cut off in the mechanical machine, then the laser engraving machine
After carving can use a damp cloth or alcohol to clean the surface. But note that, as the laser power setting is too high engraving, color board may make it difficult to wipe the surface attached to a layer of soot
Fill color
If users do not ask, you can use the network to show the flag in those different colors. To have to coloring the painted area carved deeper, you can use acrylic paint or alkyd enamel paint other color plates could damage the surface finish
5. glass
The laser can be engraved on the glass surface, but the engraving depth is not deep and can not be cut. Frosting effect or broken under normal circumstances can be formed on the glass surface laser. Under normal circumstances want to get the cream of the user rather than crushing effect, this key depends on how the texture of the glass, the hardness are the same.
Glass sculpture is often difficult to control, in accordance with the following steps can make a relatively smooth surface matte effect: in the area to be coated with a little carved wash clean, set down a piece slightly larger than the area to be engraved some newspapers or napkins, water the paper completely soaked wet and crowded area of ​​excess water, the wet paper on the engraving area pave do not have wrinkles. The glass on the engraving machine, engraving or wet state when the paper, and then remove the glass, remove residual paper, then clean the glass surface. If necessary, gently polish with 3M's ScotchBrite glass surface. Under normal circumstances, the laser power setting should water some precision setting at 300dpi, engraving speed to be faster, you can try using large-size lens for carving.
Note: When using a laser engraving leaded crystal should redouble careful, lead crystal and ordinary crystals have different coefficients of expansion, in the carving which may cause cracks or broken crystal. Power settings to avoid this problem is smaller, but still should always guard against rupture in case.
After carving the surface it can be cleaned with a damp cloth
Fill color
You can use acrylic paint coloring


Laser engraving machine engraving techniques commonly used materials and methods

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