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laser engraving machine Purchase Notes

Good quality Fiber Laser Marking Machine for sales
Goods as described. Unit tests all satisfactory. Trustworthy company and helpfull. Highly recommended.

—— Michael May

received the device... smooth transaction definately work with them again

—— Steve Lent

Excellent packaging in wooden crate. Good communication with seller. Machine looks well built.

—— Gord Priest

The supplier is good, goods supplied completed as their mention and good packaging. Just for remember the expedion FedEx local very bad for delevering

—— sutrisno sarudji

Supplier is very good. We got the order with little damage due to transport(Courier) but they replaced by sending that alone and helped thru online

—— Balaji Rajamanickam

I have received my machine in good shape include software and instruction manual. that's very perfect!

—— Kevin Lilly

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laser engraving machine Purchase Notes
laser engraving machine Purchase Notes

Now laser engraving machine adds a lot of configuration and function, but not necessarily in line with their actual needs, but also from the machine performance and service are not necessarily a benefit. Do not buy into the "versatile" laser machine errors. For example, there is now a special rubber plate engraving laser machine, in fact, most of the laser engraving machine can be used to carving rubber plate, there is no need to select those numerous, very fast machine. Rubber plate for carton printing, faster engraving depth can not meet the printing needs. Recommendation: Buy a rubber plate for engraving laser engraving machine, cheap, fast return on investment.

    If used to carving crafts, recommendations to be chosen according to requirements:

    Carved bamboo, wood, small accessories: Choose small machines, such as 300X500 format, cheap, high precision.

    Carved wooden box, wine: choose 600 * 400,900 * 600 format of the machine, and have a lifting platform, otherwise not fit into a long wooden box.

    Carved bamboo, tea tube, large woodcut: Select 500X700, 600x900 format of the machine, and have a lifting platform, and equipped with rotating engraving device.

    Clothing, leather carving cutting: cutting speed selection, and there is a cellular cutting platform of laser engraving machine.

    Second, we must consider the quality of products, mainly from machine configuration to be considered.

    1. The stepper motor: related to carving precision laser engraving machine.

    2. Laser Lens: Relationship to the power of the laser engraving machine the size of the lens sub imports, domestic lens, domestic lens which is divided in two imported materials production and use of domestic materials production, a large price gap, the use of effects and life the gap is large. Jinan Zhuoke laser engraving machine using a lens made of imported materials production.

    3. The laser tube: This is the heart of laser engraving machine. As the imported laser tube expensive, generally in the thousands of dollars, so most of the domestic laser engraving machine laser tube made in China. China-made laser tube is good and bad, big price gap. Good laser tube life is generally about 3000 hours.

    4. Mechanical assembly quality: some manufacturers to reduce costs, the use of thin metal shell making machines, users generally do not see, but over time, the frame will be deformed carving precision the impact of laser engraving machine. Jinan Zhuoke good laser engraving machine frame structure should be used, the use of high-quality steel welded together and used to produce high-quality cold-rolled steel housing

laser engraving machine Purchase Notes

laser engraving machine Purchase Notes

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