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Laser marking machine four general-purpose laser marking machine

Good quality Fiber Laser Marking Machine for sales
Goods as described. Unit tests all satisfactory. Trustworthy company and helpfull. Highly recommended.

—— Michael May

received the device... smooth transaction definately work with them again

—— Steve Lent

Excellent packaging in wooden crate. Good communication with seller. Machine looks well built.

—— Gord Priest

The supplier is good, goods supplied completed as their mention and good packaging. Just for remember the expedion FedEx local very bad for delevering

—— sutrisno sarudji

Supplier is very good. We got the order with little damage due to transport(Courier) but they replaced by sending that alone and helped thru online

—— Balaji Rajamanickam

I have received my machine in good shape include software and instruction manual. that's very perfect!

—— Kevin Lilly

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Laser marking machine four general-purpose laser marking machine
Laser marking machine four general-purpose laser marking machine

Laser marking machine is the machine identification processing industry in general, and in its next there are four general-purpose laser marking machines, which are fiber laser marking machine, carbon dioxide laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine and the green laser marking machine, like the dragon nine sons, each different, as these types of machines in the shape and scope and inherent above all slightly different, the following give us a brief speech.
First talk about the fiber laser marking machine, using fiber laser output laser, and then to carry out marking by high-speed scanning galvanometer system, which focused on a small part of most metals and non-metallic materials for marking, such as metal products and some of the plastic such as keys.
Next came the carbon dioxide laser marking machine, this model is powered through a special synthesis gas to operate, so that the laser beam passes through the beam expander, galvanometer, focusing and finally controlling the deflection of galvanometer for marking, Most focused on a small number of non-metal and metal, such as shoe, clothing and electrical equipment.

The third is the UV laser marking machine, be inside these four most high-end models, regardless of price or its effectiveness, it is relying on the laser energy to interrupt the bonding between atoms or molecules, let into a small molecule gasification ,evaporation. It is only in the face of ultra-fine marking and special materials will go to use, if you must use the conventional materials would be entirely overkill. For example, some flexible PCB board and the LCD glass.
Finally, talk about green laser marking machine, in which four models which he was present the lowest sense, but the capability is not low, it is the use of international advanced laser cavity design and control technology, laser high power operation to obtain excellent beam quality, the use of YAG crystal as the gain medium, achieve higher single pulse energy at low operating frequencies. It is mainly for surface processing and coating film most metals and non-metallic materials processing. Such as metal, ceramic and a lower glass, crystal and other surface and internal carving.

Laser marking machine four general-purpose laser marking machine

Laser marking machine four general-purpose laser marking machine

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