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One of the constraints of the development of key components of machine tools: Ball Screw

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One of the constraints of the development of key components of machine tools: Ball Screw
One of the constraints of the development of key components of machine tools: Ball Screw

First, what is a ball screw

Ball screw is rotary motion into linear motion, or linear motion into rotary motion of the ideal product.

Ball screw by the screw, nut, ball, slugging, inverter, dust components. Its function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, which is a further extension and development Actmix screw the significance of this development is to become a rolling bearing from sliding action motion. With little friction, ball screws are widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instruments.

Ball transmission element is most commonly used on machine tools and precision machinery, its main function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, or to convert torque into axial force again, while both high-precision, reversibility and high efficiency.


Ball development so far, has been widely applied to various industries such as precision control of mechanical positioning precision machine tools (Precisionmachinetools), industrial machinery (Industrialmachinery), electrical machinery (Electronicmachinery), transport machinery (Transportmachinery) an important protagonist.

Second, what use ball screw

Ultra-high DN value Ball: High-speed machine tools, high-speed Machining Center

Ball cap style: rapid transport systems, general industrial machinery, automation machinery

High-speed ball screw: CNC machinery, precision machine tools, industrial machinery, electrical machinery, high-speed machinery

Precision ground ball screw grade: CNC machinery, precision machine tools, industrial machinery, electrical machinery, transportation machinery, aerospace industry, other antennas actuators, valves, switches and other devices

Rotary nut (R1) Series Ball: semiconductor machinery, industrial robots, woodworking machines, laser processing machines, conveying equipment, etc.

Rolled Ball Screw level: low friction and smooth operation of the advantages, but the rapid delivery and low prices

Heavy Duty Ball: all-electric injection molding machines, stamping machines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, heavy-duty brakes, industrial machinery, forging machinery.

Third, what type

Common cycle in two ways: the outer loop and an inner loop. Balls during the cycle of disengagement with the screw sometimes called the outer loop; always keep in contact with the screw called a loop.

1, the outer loop: the outer loop is the ball at the end of the cycle by a spiral groove outer surface of the nut or screw nut among intubated return to re-enter the circulation. Press the outer circulation ball screw nut ball circulation return manner when mainly cover type, tube and spiral trough. Common external circulation mode cap formula; intubation; spiral trough. Cover type, processing a longitudinal hole in the nut, as the ball return passage, opened on both ends of the ball nut cover backhaul mouth, whereby the ball into the return pipe, form a cycle. Intubation, use it as a return duct elbow, this structure technology is good, but due to the pipeline projecting nut body, a larger radial dimension. Spiral trough, which is milled in the nut outer spiral groove, both ends of the slot through holes drilled and threaded raceway tangent to the formation of the return channel, this structure is smaller than the radial dimension of the cannula structure, but manufacture more complex. Recirculating ball screws outside the outer loop structure and manufacturing process is simple, widely used. The disadvantage is difficult to do raceway smooth seams, affecting the stability ball raceways.


2, inner loop: the loop is reverse circulating balls implemented, there are two types of inverter. Cylindrical projections key reverser, which is embedded within the cylindrical portion of the nut, the end of reverse open slot. Reverse groove by a cylindrical outer surface and the upper end of the round key positioning to ensure the alignment thread rolling direction. Oval inserts inverter, inverter for the general round flat key inserts, insert embedded nut slot cut, their ends opened a counter sink, with the outer contour of the insert positioning. Two kinds of inverter comparison, the smaller size of the latter, thereby reducing the radial dimension of a nut and a shortened axial dimension. But the higher dimensional accuracy grooving the outer contour of this inverter and the nut.

Select Category

The ball screw nut, according to ball circulation can be divided into: Bending type, circulator type, cover type. Features of these three round-robin fashion.

Recycling guide piece

These models are the most typical nut, through the use of the elbow so that the ball through the line cycle. After the ball screw shaft from the groove in scooping into the pipe, then back to the trenches, doing infinite loop movement.

Circulator formula

These models are the smallest nut to change the direction of travel of the ball through the circulator, over the outer diameter of the screw shaft back in place, doing infinite loop movement.

End -

These models are the most appropriate high-speed feed nut. Ball use cover, are picked from the groove in the nut of the screw shaft through hole, the through-hole back trench, do an infinite loop movement.

Ball proper use

(1) Never disassemble the ball screw. Otherwise, easily lead to the entry of dust, loss of precision or malfunction.

(2) Due to re-assemble easily assembled due to error that loss of function of the ball screw, so that users do not want you to re-assemble. If the product is returned to the company, can be paid in the form of repair and re-assembly of its products

(3) of the ball screw shaft or nut sometimes due to their own weight fall off, be careful not to be injured. It may be due to damage to the track or bumps cycle components results in loss of product functionality when accidentally dropped. Then we need to be checked by the company, so be sure to drop the product returned to the Company by the Company in the form of compensation for inspection.

(4) If the cycle parts, shaft diameter, rail and other injuries occur, damage and other phenomena, it will cause poor circulation, resulting in loss of product functionality.

Ball protection

Ball screw lubricant can be used to improve the wear resistance and transmission efficiency. Lubricant oils and greases are divided into two categories. Lubricating engine oil, turbine oil 90 to 180, 140 or spindle oil. Grease can blame based grease. Grease applied internally threaded mounting nut raceway and housing space, and the lubricating oil through the hole on the housing nut injected into space.

Ball screw and other transmission elements rolling friction, so long as to avoid the abrasive particles and chemically active substances into, these elements can be considered in the case of almost no wear to work. But if the raceway falling dirt, or using dirty oil, will not only interfere with the normal operation of the ball, and wear will increase dramatically.

Our rolling features industry in the scale of development, business philosophy, there are business management and foreign trade with the obvious gap that has seriously hindered the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, to revitalize national industry is very unfavorable. therefore:

China needs to focus on the development of technology

One is the rapid development of high-performance, high-grade products to meet the domestic high-end CNC machine tools industry needs. The second is to elevate the level of manufacturing technology, starting from the innovative technology, improve product quality and production efficiency, shorten the manufacturing cycle, the introduction of a number of competitive brand on this basis. Key around these two issues, to realize industrialization is to increase investment in technology and capital investment.

In the rolling feature of the new product development:

1, high-speed production of precision ball screw manufacturing technology and equipment

2, and the linear motor supporting high speed, high rigidity, low noise precision linear guides

3, according to the host's need to develop intelligent, complex, mechanical and electrical integration of high-performance features rolling products

4, high-precision CNC machine tools for heavy-duty, high-rigidity roller linear guide

5, Japanese bearing companies focus on manufacturing technology and process development to develop features rolling green products

Enhance the level of manufacturing process in terms of:

6, to meet the dimensional stability, reliability, development formability and production of new materials and thermal efficiency requirements of technology and equipment

7, precision cold-rolled ball screw technology and equipment in China, bearing not a simple mechanical parts A common sense of the P3 level below the cold rolling ball screw comprehensive promotion

8, and the introduction of digestion and absorption "CNC precision milling whirlwind hard" technology, equipment localization enables P3 to the following stage whirling means of partial substitution thread grinding

9, the ball back to the optimized design of the device and a molding manufacturing technology industrialization

10, to improve the accuracy of the raceway contour of the related art


One of the constraints of the development of key components of machine tools: Ball Screw

One of the constraints of the development of key components of machine tools: Ball Screw

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