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Problems and Solutions in the use of laser engraving machine, and encounter

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Problems and Solutions in the use of laser engraving machine, and encounter
Problems and Solutions in the use of laser engraving machine, and encounter

Shallow engraved: 1: excessive speed of the machine when carving interval too. Slow down to

2: dirty lens. Due to long hours of work and lead to the surface of the lens is not clean, the reflective capacity and aggregation ability of the lens is reduced. In this case the application of acetone or ethanol to clean the lens. Note: Do not remove the direct scrub, but also to graze
3: The circulating pump does not pass water. In such a case of emergency and when to turn off the machine, such as laser tube through the water to cool before. If you pass the water immediately, then the laser tube burst because of the temperature difference is too large, so before using the machine to check whether the water cycle is necessary.
4: light path deviation. Due to transportation or other causes partial light path is a major cause of shallow carved,
Note: The adjustment requires a certain basic knowledge, such as: the principle of light reflection, etc., according to the initial commissioning by certain instructions to do gymnastics, technical staff want to consult when necessary. Further, the laser burns a certain capacity / and are not visible. So be sure to pay attention to safety when dimming road.

Engraving machine is not connected, engraving machine is not open 1: Laser engraving machine does not open, in this case need to reopen the engraving machine, additional software should also restart.
2: Computers and engraving machine data cable is not connected or is connected but not connected, there may be a data line itself is a problem. In this case to be re-other for a data line connected and try again.
3: The software is not installed correctly, laser engraving machine model is not the same, the use of the software is not the same. If the machine type and software installation is not complete, so be prompt appears. NOTE: The built-in CD engraving machine is not just a set of software, so when you install the machine type must be spotted install the appropriate software, so that the above situation will not arise.
4: a problem with the computer's printer port, in which case only the replacement of the computer's motherboard only solve the problem. Note: Normal printer used in data transmission pins to a dozen, and engraving machine data transfer for minimum two dozen, so that the ability of computer motherboards and printers print line is not necessarily on the engraving machine can do it.

Self-test is not normal
1: The laser head swing in one place, do not move forward. This situation may be the motherboard cable is not plugged in, the wiring on the motherboard where a total of three, respectively Disconnect check thread is intact, there is no false even look at or touching a bad place, and then reinsert it.
2: The laser head go head beep, do not move the rail line. In this case, you should first find the laser head following a small iron piece (is vertically in two small wheels on the left side of the laser head in the middle) party in the machine working laser head to the left rail, the iron sheet just plug into a small control switch (light control version) inside, so the rail can then run. If the iron is not plugged in or is inserted inside the side a similar problem will arise. In this case, only hand moving iron piece, appropriate adjustments to the position of iron sign, allowed only insert dynamic change.
3: When the self-test laser head is operating normally, and beep sound when running rail head. This case and the second case is about the same, except that: light control version is moved (inside the motor, follow motor sports together), while iron is fixed. By the same method can be allowed on the positive.

Dislocation (which usually work in process are summarized in the following points are not uncommon) reasons:
1: Ground is not connected or not connected. Laser engraving machine is a precision instrument, so the ground is very strict requirements. Engraving machine and the computer must be grounded wire.
2: working speed is too fast. Running speed of the machine is best not to exceed 5. Interval running speed should not exceed 3.
3: Computer leakage. In this case, only the replacement of the computer's motherboard or the power supply in order to solve the problem.

No light (note points below)
1: Laser switch is not turned on. On the panel with a laser switch button, press down to open the pop-up is off.
2: The current is not adjusted. In the panel above a knob type of regulator clockwise to increase, counter-clockwise to decrease. When the current adjustment in the minimum state is not light. So you want to adjust the size of the current test switch is pressed at the same time, usually 10 to be transferred.

3: optical migraine. In light of the magnitude of the partial path is relatively large are also prone to this problem (ie, bias light to the outside of the lens).

Problems and Solutions in the use of laser engraving machine, and encounter

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