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What are the effects machine tool fixture, as well as part of the classification?

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What are the effects machine tool fixture, as well as part of the classification?
What are the effects machine tool fixture, as well as part of the classification?

1, the role of jigs and fixtures

(1) to ensure accuracy with workpiece clamping jigs and fixtures, can accurately determine the relative position of the workpiece and the tool, the machine between, can ensure accuracy.

(2) increase productivity of jigs and fixtures can quickly locate and clamp the workpiece, can reduce the auxiliary time and improve student


(3) reduce the labor intensity jigs with mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic clamping device, it can reduce labor intensity.


Process range (4) to expand the use of the machine tool fixtures, to expand the scope of the processing machine, for example, boring mold on a lathe or drill press can replace the boring boring, so the lathe, drill press boring machine having a function.

2, classification of jigs and fixtures

2.1. Press jig Applications Category

(1) universal fixture universal fixture refers to the structure have been standardized, and there is a large scope of the jig, for example, lathe three-jaw chuck and four-jaw chuck, milling machines used in flat-nose pliers and indexing class.

(2) Fixture Fixture is a procedure against a workpiece fixture design and manufacturing expertise. Fixture suitable for the product is relatively stable, yield larger occasions.

(3) a combination of modular fixture clamp is a standard pre-fabricated elements harmony parts assembled jig. Modular fixture flexible structure, design and assembly cycle is short, long-term fixture parts reused, adapted in the case of many varieties of small batch production of a single product or a new trial applications.

(4) Group Group jig fixture is in use when working in groups, each group of parts design and manufacture of fixtures, while another part within the change process in the same group, simply adjust or replace individual components on the fixture, It can be processed. Group fixtures suitable for application in many varieties, small batch production.

(5) It is a mobile pallet jig A automatic line used before machining the workpiece into the automatic line, the first workpiece mounted in the fixture, then the fixture along with being together in sequence from one station to the next displacement along the workpiece automatic line a station until the workpiece when you exit automatic processing line, it is removed from the workpiece holder. A pallet with the workpiece always move together along the automatic line fixture.

2.2 by the use of machine type classification

Different types of machine tools, jig different structures, thereby turning the jig into the jig, jig drilling, milling jig, jig boring, grinding and jig combination of jigs and fixtures and other types.

2.3 Press clamp power source classification

Press clamping fixture used power source, can be divided into manual clamping jig jig, pneumatic clamping fixture, hydraulic clamping fixtures, gas-liquid interaction clamping jig, fixture electromagnetic vacuum fixture.

Consisting of 3, special machinery and fixtures

Jig generally consists of the following elements or devices composed of:

(1) The positioning member positioning member is used to determine the correct position of the workpiece component. Element is positioned workpiece positioning base surface or in direct contact with the jig fitted.

(2) clamping device means is the workpiece in the external force can maintain its correct positioning device location.

(3) of the knife element, the guide element of the blade member, the guide element is a fixture means for determining (or boot) tool relative to the fixture element has the positional relationship of the correct elements, such as drill sets, boring sets, knife blocks, etc. .

Connecting element (4) connecting the clamp member having a clamp means for determining the correct position on the machine element and connected thereto, for example, mounted on the bottom surface of the positioning jig milling bond.

(5) Other components and systems according to the processing requirements, some still need to set the jig indexing indexing means, cam means to lift the workpiece support means and the auxiliary and other devices.

(6) is used to clamp clamp clamp components and related equipment to become an integral base member, the clamp by the clamp connected to the machine.

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