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CNC machine tools and methods commonly used within the machine tool knife

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CNC machine tools and methods commonly used within the machine tool knife
CNC machine tools and methods commonly used within the machine tool knife

Laser instrument on the knife, such as Hexagon's LTS35.60, basic principles for the use of the product focused laser beam to trigger the media, when the laser beam is rotated masking tool generates a trigger signal. And contact tool essentially different instrument is a laser instrument on the knife using non-contact measurement, no contact force of the knife, it is possible to measure very small tool without fear because the contact forces cause small tool breakage, as LTS35.60 can measure the diameter of the tool can be as small as 0.008mm (such as drills, taps or class of micro milling, etc.), repeats itself measurement accuracy of 0.2μm. At the same time, since the measuring tool in the processing speed high-speed rotation, the measurement state is almost exactly the same as the actual processing status, improve the accuracy of utility knife. Thanks to laser technology, the instrument on the knife can shape the tool to scan and measure the contour of the tool, and can be a single multi-point tool blades were damaged monitored. Its main drawback is the complex structure, the need for additional gas supply of high-quality internal structure protection, higher cost, mainly for high-speed machining centers.

On the knife inside the common features and benefits

(1) tool length / diameter automatic measurement parameters and updates: Dynamic measurement tool length / diameter in the rotation, measured parameter contains the spindle end runout runout / radial direction, whereby the high-speed machining tool "dynamic" offset value; the same time, ready for automatic tool measurement parameters, which greatly eliminates the "change" because the thermal deformation caused by the machine tool parameters; the measurement results are automatically updated to the corresponding tool parameters table, completely avoid the potential risk of human knife and input parameters bring.

(2) tool wear / breakage automatic monitoring: in the actual production process, when the tool wear or breakage (broken), the operator is difficult to detect and correct (especially smaller diameter drill type tool), resulting in more loss of even more follow-up tool workpiece scrapped. Before using the machine in the back of the knife can be in the magazine after completion of processing tools, automatic tool length measurement, can automatically update to the tool wear value in the event of loss parameters normal wear and tear, if the wear and tear can occur when long for tool breakage (broken) to select a replacement knife next workpieces or automatic shutdown alarm prompts the operator to change a tool. Thus, improved product quality and reduced tool wear or reject rate.

(3) Automatic machine thermal deformation compensation: machine production and processing, as the ambient temperature changes and changes in work load, machine tool thermal deformation occurs all the time in order to stimulate the tool change, the result is the same workshop machine in early / mid / late different times of processed products dimensional accuracy quite big changes. Internal use automatic measurement after the knife, the tool can be at any time before machining parameters or process and update tool for each measurement is at the current state of the machine tool thermal deformation settings, thereby greatly reducing the Since the machine tool thermal deformation error introduced.

(4) tool contour measurement and monitoring: The special processing, such as the outer molding tool, use machine tool instrument measurement and tool status determination tool contour is time-consuming and complex task, while the operator's knife skills there are high demands. In this case, the use of the machine laser instrument on the knife, you can always use a laser beam to scan the tool contour measuring or monitoring and, if necessary automatically update the corresponding parameters.

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