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Engraving machine maintenance technology

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Goods as described. Unit tests all satisfactory. Trustworthy company and helpfull. Highly recommended.

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I have received my machine in good shape include software and instruction manual. that's very perfect!

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Engraving machine maintenance technology
Engraving machine maintenance technology

There are many customers call to ask some engraving machine in use among the recurring problem , now finishing the technical information about an engraving machine maintenance , and repairs for customers reference :

A : an axis or three-axis engraving machine does not move or walk properly
1 : Controls are loose or faulty.
2 : corresponding to the drive shaft failure .
3: The corresponding axis stepper motor failure .
4 : the corresponding couplings break out or loose.
5 : corresponding to the screw nut screw breakage or malfunction .
6 : corresponding to the fast axis of the slide malfunction .
7 : Drive subdivision , current, and software settings are not the same.
II: z -axis engraving machine control
1 : Controls are loose or faulty.
2 : static interference .
3: z -axis motor cable fault
4: The file path is incorrect
5 : Drive interference
6: The computer system has a problem or a virus
7: operator error
Three: Error
1: Control Carcassonne action or failure
2 : drive failure
3 : stepper motor failure
4: static interference
5 : Motor line failure
6 : The data line failure
7 : The path is wrong
8: broken or loose coupling
9 : Processing speed is too fast
0: The computer system problems or virus
IV: Engraving shades
1: Control Carcassonne action or failure
2 : Step recent motor failure
3 : drive failure or software settings are inconsistent with the current subdivision
4; z -axis motor cable fault
5 : Spindle motor failure
6 : Drive interference or data set incorrectly
7 : The data line failure
8: The computer has a virus or system problems
Six: engraving machine washable end injustice
1: The spindle and the table is not perpendicular . Need correction
2 : The tool in question
3 : Control card problem
Seven: engraving machine can not normally Homing
1: in the opposite direction
2 : Control card failure or loose
3 : limit switch or data line failure
4 : Drive Failure
5 : Step recent motor failure
Eight: engraving machine engraving lines wide how to do ?
1 , adjust the focal length of the focusing tube
2 , the right to adjust the current
Nine: engraving machine computer can not send signals
Caused by reasons:
1, the software parameter settings are incorrect
2, the machine and the computer is not online
3, the computer serial port problem
4, the software transfer rate is inconsistent with the engraving machine baud rate setting

A re- set parameters
2, according to "offline" button , so that the lamp offline
3 , using another port
4 , re- set the baud rate
Ten: engraving machine sounds unusual
Caused by reasons:
1 , trolley and rail route of the barrier has
2 , from rail car
3, the origin of the coordinate set unreasonable
4 , the actual layout of the file is too large
1 , remove the barrier
2 , righting the car
3 , modify the origin coordinates
4 , modify the file
XI: Empty engraved engraving machine
1 , the optical path shift
2 , laser power damage
3 , the relevant circuit or wire breakage
4 , the laser tube is damaged or aging
5 , ammeter damage
1 , reference manual, adjust the optical path
2 , the replacement of the laser power
3 , replace the circuit or line
4 , replacing the laser tube
5 , the replacement ammeter
Twelve: engraving machine is not carved related questions
The possible causes
1 , whether the power AC220V50Hz
2 , is powered
3 , the switch is open
4 , whether the serial cable to the computer's serial port and engraving machine connected , the connection is secure
5, the output port settings are consistent with the actual software to connect
6 , whether to send the correct data format for engraving machine
1 , plug in the power engraving machine , turn on the switch
2 , press the start button to send legal documents contain the content you want to engrave
3 , restart the computer and engraving machine

Thirteen: When you open the software , the computer prompts " Failed to open the card , check card " prompt .
1 Check the board driver has not installed , or the board for a PCI slot ;
(2) the two data cables reinstalled, check there is no breakage of the phenomenon ;
3 boards have problems, replace the board .
Fourteen : When you open the software prompts : triaxial alarm, initialization error fourth .
1 . Check the computer and the machine two data lines are not connected ;
2 . Check the control box adapter plate fuse is burned , replace the fuse ;
3 Check 5V12V power supply is normal .
XV: dislocation occurs when carving, or the wrong size .
1 . Check the correctness of the path engraving software ;
2 . Check the size of the gap and the screw rod fastening screws are not loose ;
3 . Check the software parameters set correctly or not.

4 . The ground wire is connected properly

5. Computer viruses
Sixteen : X -axis Z -axis is not certain when walking carrying knives , according to go up but go down .
1 . Check the Z -axis motor is running, the power and size of the drive current ;
2 . Check the Z -axis motor cable is bad or in case of interruption .
Seventeen: spindle motor does not turn or reverse.
1 . Check the inverter parameter settings ;
2 . Whether the drive signal line reversed, then the motor will drive three lines on any two interchangeable.

3 . Check the connection line between the inverter and the control box is good contact

4 . In the inverter wiring intact , the motor does not turn the motor bad
Eighteen : the emergence of the phenomenon to hit the knife .
1 . Z -axis motor power is not enough, loose coupling ;
2 . Z -axis drive current is too small , or signal lines are wrong .

3 . Check the Z -axis motor cable is plugged in
Nineteen : When you open the software boot, appears shaft off.
1 . Drive problems or computer output signal line is bad ;
2 . Motor line is bad .

3 . Check the software parameter settings are correct
Twenty: Limit phenomenon engraving process.
1 . Check whether the path carved carving over the range ;
2 . Software parameters set soft limit .
21: boot the machine is not energized .
1 . Check the cable is connected and the start button and the button is burned ;
2 . Check the AC contactor is shorted or burned.

3 . Check the emergency stop switch is turned on

4 . Check the fuse is burned
Twenty-two : button movement axis only one direction to go .
1 . Check the optical coupling line is working properly and the contact line is good ;
2 . Check motor wiring if there Weld.
Twenty-three : Send software does not open properly , something carved deformity .
1 . Re- install the new systems and software ;
2 . Check the X, Y -axis screw and the screw is loose ;
3 . Chisel has a problem

Engraving machine maintenance technology

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