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How to detect mechanical engraving machine is good or bad

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How to detect mechanical engraving machine is good or bad
How to detect mechanical engraving machine is good or bad
Mechanical engraving machine used in various industries, extensive role. Whether it is the type of engraving machine market brands are still very much times uneven quality is poor, then how good or bad for him to detect it? 
1, with actual production experience are clear: dry piece of living is easy, but accidents happen either, working in batches, which was hard. This tool will test whether "too comfortable with so easily." The most significant feature of the professional engraving machine is: professional carving CAD / CAM software and CNC engraving machine for professional, closely matching. When using professional computer CNC engraving machine for batch processing, professional engraving software ensures operator Shunshundangdang well designed to generate a reasonable and efficient processing procedures: When installed card good material, a good tune to start work tool, the operator members simply timing "Listen cutting tool voice" to determine whether the tool wear and replace if necessary tool, basically do not account for people; when the processing is complete, if found some regional processing results did not meet the requirements, the operator on the machine using minor remedial repair function in the field, a group of living so fluently done. Work so comfortable! 
2, the low degree of specialization in computer engraving machine designed for the operator an ideal way of processing - processing no accident occurs, if the existence of such a premise, this engraving machine work is no problem, but the fact not surprisingly, in the case of lengthy batch processing does not exist on this case should work "does not go smoothly," the. Mainly as follows: difficult to pinpoint adjustment tool and on-site processing of difficult repair deficiencies which may result in: eat a low cutting tool positioning accuracy, precision affect the finished scene beyond repair must be reprocessed to reduce processing efficiency! 
3, "was whether or not comfortable with," is the most direct method of mechanical engraving machine the ability to detect. With computer engraving machine in the advertising industry to identify the popularity of the application surface, computer engraving machine is no longer just a symbol of strength, it has become a real professional production batch-type tool. Computer engraving machine industry in the advertising logo Typical applications include: badge processing, cutting the word crystal, carved three-dimensional characters, making the sandbox components, processing light box assembly, and processing of organic products, such as text and images carved reliefs. The main features of these applications are: Finished request fine, small processing areas, processing only with small knives. Use a small tool to generate higher productivity, which requires equipment capacity and processing must have professional features. Must be mass-produced. No batch is difficult to produce better economies of scale. 
    Through the above three can simply detect mechanical engraving machine is good or bad, when you want it to play a role in the purchase.
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