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How to reduce the woodworking engraving machine tool beating

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How to reduce the woodworking engraving machine tool beating
How to reduce the woodworking engraving machine tool beating
During processing, if the center of the cutting tools and woodworking engraving machine spindle rotation center inconsistent will cause the radial runout of the cutting tool, also is what we usually call tool rotating different heart. Is to further understand the tool a normal high speed rotation should be a vertical line, the different words of heart will become a conical. So that the machining accuracy and effect certainly falls, the tool will be easy to break. So how to reduce the machining cutter runout. We must first clear cutting tool and chuck, chuck and nut, knife method is correct and the quality of the cutting tool itself are all factors affecting beating. In this respect we should pay attention to the chuck and the nut, there can be no dust. Efforts to correct on the knife, too large and too little is bad. There is very important tool length is smaller. Spindle motor speed should also pay attention to when necessary, the requirements on spindle speed is not very high material, such as copper, we can choose a reasonable spindle speed, to reduce the radial runout. The second problem when processing how to decrease the cutter runout. Why the tool in machining will produce radial beating? Because the radial cutting force exacerbated the radial runout, therefore, reduce the radial cutting force is an important principle of reduce the radial runout. Using sharp knives, sharp cutting tool for processing the whole cutting force is small, this tool by the radial cutting force is small, so it can reduce the radial runout of the cutting tool; Tool rake face is smooth, so when processing, can reduce the friction scraps of cutting tool, it can also reduce the cutting tool by cutting force, and reduces the radial runout of the cutting tool; Used in finishing up milling: note that this is only used in finish machining, in the rough machining or climb milling is used, otherwise it is hard to guarantee the service life of cutter. When using conventional milling, cutting force is always in the direction of the pull cutting tool to the workpiece, when this tool in the processing, more stable; And use the strength of the wood carving machine tool, can increase the strength of the knife by increasing the diameter of the tool holder and tool rod diameter increased by 20%, the radial cutting force under the same circumstances, radial cutting tools can be reduced by 50%. mini cnc milling machine cnc milling machine wood carving machine lathe machine price wood cnc router mini 3d cnc router cnc router machine mini cnc wood cnc machine wood engraving machine metal engraving machine 3d machine cnc wood machine cnc router machine for aluminum 3d engraving machine 3d cnc router laser cutting 4 axis cnc router hot sale mini cnc router mini cnc engraver
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