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Laser engraving machine during use should be noted

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Laser engraving machine during use should be noted
Laser engraving machine during use should be noted

Laser cutting machine for four kinds of laser (intense laser shot), the laser emits an accident may cause the following:

b ignite a surrounding flammable gases when possible harmful c direct exposure to the laser machine is running will be harmful to the human body. Thus, a workplace must have a fire extinguisher close to the machine and is strictly prohibited combustible ventilation.

Please read and follow the safety manual.

1. The machine enclosure should contact with the ground.

(2) prohibit non-professional high-voltage power supply. Do not break the shell. Require ventilation.

3 when the laser tube so that the work required circulating superheated water to reduce the temperature of the laser tube. So before the machine work, be sure to add some water to the cooling water pump inside. When the power is turned on, the pump starts running start work equipment. Circulating water should be pure. Check the plumbing leaks, water is adequate and the water temperature can not exceed 35 ℃, we recommend regular water changes and cleaning the cooling equipment. Cooling equipment for a long period of time is not used, or the distance required to transport the water is removed.

4 before opening the device first open water system, water system and ensure the normal use. Winter in the laser tube can not have ice, so after take off the power of the laser tube to prevent water from freezing.

5 In the winter when the temperature is very low should be noted that the power take off after the water discharge laser tube to prevent freezing.

6 If the reflected laser beam directly into the body, or will cause great harm to the human body, especially into the eyes. Therefore, the use of laser engraving cutting machine should firmly adhere to the following rules:

a) Do not put any part of your body into the optical path to avoid being laser burns.

b) prohibit observed laser through binoculars, microscopes, magnifying glass and so on.

c) on the work table to prohibit discharge laser reflector.

d) When the local adjustment of the laser line from the laser transmitter when not too close.

7 machine if the machine be harmful smoke pollution at work lenses and lens. Users open the pump and fan, regular cleaning of the pump and fan in the dust.

8 If a malfunction or burst fire occurs, turn off the power immediately and stop using the machine lightning weather.

9 In the machine did not work or power off the machine can not be opened when the distribution box. High pressure machine is running. Non-professional staff can not disassemble the machine.

10 laser engraving and cutting machine should be placed on the ground. Can not be beat, shaking, punching machines, especially the track.

11 machine running inside the sliding surfaces and contact with the shaft should be kept clean, so that the oil can always enter the hole.

12 If the machine has dust pollution will affect the output efficiency of the machine. Users should be kept clean lenses and lens. When applied in a clean special lens cleaning fluid. Wipe out along a direction from the inside with absorbent cotton cloth or lens tissue. If the laser mirrors and focusing lens is dirty it will seriously affect the output efficiency. Absorbent cotton cloth after cleaning should be replaced once.

13 The machine should be operated in a clean environment. Pump should be installed above the ground to prevent the absorption of dust.

14 outlet systems, blowers, debris clean-up system must be unobstructed. Open the blower fan and pump power should be preceded in the open.

15 screw connection: When the system is operating for some time, it will place some loose screw connection, the stability of the machine will be affected.

Note: When the machine is running must have staff beside guard.

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