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Laser engraving machine operating instructions and troubleshooting methods

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Laser engraving machine operating instructions and troubleshooting methods
Laser engraving machine operating instructions and troubleshooting methods

First, the workpiece

You can select the machining process is completed filing location , and use the software speed processing speed, strength and precision machining . As for image processing , but also a corresponding grid based system , the end of the frame to adjust the first output , to determine the position of the workpiece on the table , and then placing the workpiece , the workpiece according to the software put in output (printing ) and wait until the laser engraving machine to receive documents, engraving machine can be started after receiving the file to locate key march red ( red light positioning : open the cover before the formal process , press the start button for file output, the laser does not emit laser tube can be observed machining position is accurate, to avoid waste generated by positioning allowed ) , and then press the Start key processing.


( 1 ) When using the automatic measurement focus , pay attention to the automatic measuring rod must be tightened focus , otherwise the work surface to the top of the laser head and off the track.

( 2 ) Laser engraving machine at work, prohibit open the cover ( top cover and front cover ) , otherwise it will stop the laser emission , affecting processing quality.

( 3 ) When the workpiece must be open and blowing smoke exhaust equipment to prevent dust pollution focusing lens and reflector lens , otherwise it will affect the lens focus and reflection , and thus indirectly affect the processing strength and precision.

( 4 ) the processing of wood , when the paper artifacts, must pay close attention to processing speed and processing strength , to avoid too slow, too high intensity flame . Flame will damage the focusing lens , the light intensity of the impact of processing , precision , heavy machine will not be used.

( 5 ) For the initial user performs irregular workpiece when the red light must be positioned to determine whether the location is accurate machining , or prone to waste.

( 6 ) Processing of thin wood, cardboard and other deformable material, to adjust the horizontal deformation amplitude difference is less than 1 mm , the focal length is too large to avoid affecting the machining accuracy. To the processing of paper sheets fixed to avoid displacement occurs . When cutting the paper , especially the quality of soft paper ( rice paper , Mao Bianzhi ) , the first of its stacked 15-20 sheets soaked with water , after leveling , and then cut. This will improve efficiency, while avoiding the risk of burning due to the emergence of the material .

(7 ) for cutting , the workpiece holder to make more than 2 cm away from the work surface to avoid artifacts caused by the laser reflection back to damaged , resulting in waste.

( 8 ) Clean the lens and focus lens reflex : Two- finger pinch reflex lens , one hand with the photographic lens cleaning paper moistened with cleaning fluid and gently drag the lens surface , prohibit the use of finger pressure to avoid scratching the mirror ; or with a cotton swab dipped in the cleaning solution and gently wipe the camera lens to focus the lens until smooth .

( 9 ) is usually carved vector file , the resolution should be chosen higher (500dpi or 600dpi); Chen points carving documents should choose lower -resolution (500dpi rough mode or 300dpi). This sculpture will be good.

Second, common faults and processing methods

( 1 ) how to save time

In mass production with the specifications of the small size product ( such as 75X25mm badge ), X direction should be less than the maximum width of 300mm, so you can make the laser head to the opposite faster, thereby increasing speed. When carving a bitmap , may be appropriate to reduce the resolution to speed . In addition, the laser machining depth and power, speed is proportional to the power under the same circumstances , the faster the more shallow depth of carving , and vice versa deep, so it should be possible to improve the speed and power to shorten the time.

( 2 ) how to avoid waste

Standard configuration is generally laser engraving machine has red pointing device. Irregularities in the processing of the product , first observed with red light positioning engraving position is accurate, then the formal processing. For material not seen before , you should follow the power from low to high principle.

( 3 ) No laser machine

Check the cover, the front door magnetic switch and wiring loose , falling ( Shandong has a user , the night before the first day of work, the machine clean from the inside out , and the next morning found that the machine does not emit laser , the inspection is to rub the magnetic switch the machine off when the line is caused ) . Then check reflections, questions whether the focusing lens ( Beijing after a user to wipe lens reflex , no screws tighten , causing the lenses loose, causing no laser ) . If not the above reasons , you must contact the maintenance staff , please do not deal with on their own.

( 4 ) a large area engraving , cutting shades

This is due to the errors caused by the laser light path . As long as the light path alignment on the line ( at the time of purchase have specialized training ) .

( 5 ) engraved font distortion

A, if the head after the car badly worn pulley , causing the car head loose , replace the pulley.
B, if the Y -axis direction is not the same as the left and right sides of the belt tension , adjust the Y -axis to the rear hex screw tension consistent .
C, if the X -axis on the left side of the driven wheel wear , replace the driven wheel .
D, if the X -axis motor failure , replace the motor.
E, if the X -axis motor fastening screws loose pulley , then tighten the screws.

( 6 ) engraving machine carve , memory is bad or damaged. Reinstall the memory or replace the memory.

( 7 ) computer interface to be set to SPP

( 8 ) Data cable away from sources of interference

( 9 ) computers and laser engraving machine is best to use the same socket , to avoid potential difference.

( 10 ) Power sudden decay half of the laser tube failure, only returned for repair .

( 11 ) Power gradually decay

First, you should check whether the focusing lens reflex lenses and clean, the optical path is not correct . If there is no problem, promptly contact your service personnel.

( 12 ) When a large area engraving and cutting , appear as shades of cases the problem is not material . It must be the light path is not correct .

( 13 ) failure of automatic measuring stick coke

Mostly due to the flat cable connected thereto damage caused by the replacement of normal use .

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