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Timing and processing of stone engraving machine

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Timing and processing of stone engraving machine
Timing and processing of stone engraving machine

In recent years, the popularity of stone engraving machine is widely used in addition to high-performance carving and engraving efficiency , you can also save more human resources , which is very popular among customers favorite causes . And when using CNC stone engraving machine processing , but also the budget process at the time , so it can better accounting of production costs. Generally skilled operatives can quickly estimate the processing time.
A stone engraving machine timer to set specific processing methods: Depending on the type of stone engraving machine travel range , the way the machine by hand movement , the movement of the three-axis machine tools were extreme position , until the limit switch hit , were recorded X, y, Z -axis can be moved to the minimum and maximum coordinate values ​​, enter the location parameter corresponding location.
Second, stone engraving machine tool change position . The set of parameters for setting convenient tool change " tool change position ," the X, y, Z -axis coordinates. After setting up the " tool change position ," the " exceptional movement " in the " go to tool change position ", the head will move to the set position , wait for the operator to perform a tool change operation.
Stone engraving machine specific settings timing processing method:
Manual control to facilitate the movement of stone engraving machine tool change position , record the current machine coordinate value , enter it into the appropriate " positional parameters " in the can.
Third, stone engraving machine tool position . This set of parameters is used to set the time for the use of the knife blade of the knife center in which X, y coordinates and Z -axis rapid decline in the distance (Z -axis value ) .
"Time Machine" allows the operator to know in advance before carving carving time used . Its calculation is based on the engraving machine parameter settings, the current processing time spent carving files , this time does not include the middle of the ATC , positioning time is an estimate . Impact of "time processing" of the engraving parameters including feed rate , cutting speed , drop the knife delay , Z -axis travel , etc. , but also with " priority mode " relevant. In the wood engraving machining time , customers can also do other work arrangements , so greatly improving the utilization of human resources .
Stone engraving machine capable of calligraphy carved in natural stone , glass, ceramic high-tech automatic computer-controlled engraving equipment . Stone carving industry is a traditional industry in China , the stone will exist for a long supply chain ! At this point , stone carving industry is conducting a major change, the old masonry retirement , the younger generation of high efficiency, mechanization and automation requirements, making mechanical engraving equipment come into play ! Stone engraving machine is available in stone, ceramics , sculpture and paintings on tiles can be personalized to meet decoration , art and design tooling requirements , can be used as decoration, handicraft industry , stone industry , stone industry , the company's advanced ceramic sculpture processing equipment.

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